Africa Foundation for Community Development


Promoting human rights and democratic governance

AFCOD-Uganda was established in 2015 with its core fields to advocate and promote human rights and democratic governance in the communities. The organization is non-Governmental, non Profit, non-political and independent civil society organization, legally registered by the Government of Uganda.

Together We Can Change The World

Our Programs

Human Rights

Afcod-uganda’s mandate is to promote and protect human rights and freedoms as enshrined under the international protocols.

Justice & Rule of law

We promote justice through following up matters of public interest to ensure fair trials and treatment through provision of free legal aid

Democracy & Governance

We are committed to promoting democratic governance through advocating for peaceful, free and fair general elections in the country by sensitizing citizens

Support Afcod Uganda

Your donation helps our human rights defenders

We welcome your continuous Donations and it is relevant to support our programs in the vulnerable and marginalized communities. Several services are implemented under our Organization Operational Budget ever since we came into existence. This is in collaboration with our International Partners and the Communities as the major stakeholders and Beneficiaries.